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The Court action is useful and necessary to hold up, hamper and restrict the attack on the Party, unions and democratic people and thus enable the mass movement for peace, democracy and higher living standards to continue to develop under more favourable conditions than would be otherwise the case. The major question for the party is to greatly improve the political propaganda, practical leadership and organisation of the party amongst the masses, which are coming into action in a bigger way than ever before seen in the history of our country.

The chief question remains that of strengthening the movement for peace. Particularly important in this respect is to learn to work still better with all peace lovers to gather signatures to the Ban the Bomb petition and to popularise the decision of the Second World Peace Congress. It is necessary to relate these basic peace propositions concretely to the solution of pressing economic political difficulties of the people, the sharpness of which arises from the aggressive war policy of the dominant groups of the capitalist class and the work of their governments in assisting to pass the economic burdens of war and war preparations onto the people.

It is necessary to devote great attention to the rising struggle of the workers on economic questions, showing how the economic problems of the people are made more profound because the war policy and USA domination place a tremendously increased burden of exploitation on the people. Show the defeat of those circles and their politicians that force a war policy on the people is the very key to the question of the workers getting a greater share of the wealth produced by them than is the case at present. It is necessary to show that the Communist Party Dissolution Act is aimed at clamping down on the only genuine opposition to capitalism and its criminal policy and destroying the ability of the working class and democratic peoples to organise and fight against war and exploitation; that the defeat of this legislation is of vital importance to all democrats in the struggle for the defeat of Menzies and for improved living standards.

For the Communist Party it is always necessary to present to the working class the basic propositions of Socialism as the alternative to capitalism, and to win thousands of toilers to revolutionary Socialism.

The best class :: XCOM: Enemy Unknown General Discussions

In approaching the problem of leadership of the mass movement, the Communists must do so in full realisation that the mass movement is developing on the basis of the united front below. The crisis in the ranks of the Labour Party and supporters reflects the conflict between the policy of its leadership and the political and economic interests of its supporters. The Communists must set out deliberately to work in all sincerity with ALP members and supporters in the industries, unions and localities on every question of interest in the working class and the people while at the same time maintaining firm but in so far as the rank-and-file are concerned friendly criticism of the Labour Party.

The shameful betrayal of the working class on Communist Party Dissolution legislation has had a deep effect on the ALP rank-and-file members and supporters, but it would be foolish to think that this alone will win the mass of the workers away from reformism.

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Only patient and persistent work for a period can do this. The Communists must set out consciously to overcome sectarian narrowness, discuss each action and learn how to improve their work in every aspect of the mass movement. The struggle to obtain the widest possible distribution of both legal and illegal literature, particularly amongst the industrial workers, is of fundamental importance.

Already experience shows that a big and favourable change has taken place amongst the workers in their interest in the Communist Party and their attitude toward the Party. There are opening up great possibilities for recruiting to the Party. Now is the time to go out and courageously recruit to the Party. It is necessary to have a much bigger Party. The act finishes when they see a teacher that can be their teacher, but finally isn't the teacher.

At the second act, Snatch comes back and the students praise him. It is the turn of Sky- light, who teaches about cooking.

See a Problem?

While him is teaching, Iron is shouting and being violent, so they two, Sky-light and Iron finish arguing and hitting each other. A teacher who is around the class stops them. The teacher tries to talk with the students to achieve a good behaviour from them, but he leaves the room with fear. When the teacher leaves the room, Iron pretends to get back his power.

Nobody obeys hi, so he get mad and starts to destroy everything again. Finally, the play finishes when they thought again that one teacher is coming to their class, but the teacher never comes. Critic Class Enemy is a play who deals with traditional young people's problems. Under my point of view, the students don't want to be educated because they think the education that they were given isn't the education they need. This can be a good reason for not to be thought but the manners they use to achieve it are not the best ones.

They are violent people, with bad behaviour.

Money can’t buy you friends, but you can get a better class of enemy.-Spike Milligan

The fact that they don't want to be educated makes me think about the educational system that Spaniards have. So I think that Nigel Williams make people reflect about their lives and the education they have and are receiving. As I can find on the internet, Class enemy can be read in two different ways. The first one is the way that I read it: a whole class who have a common enemy, the teacher and the method used to teach.

The other way is the enemy of the classroom. To conclude, Class Enemy was written in , a period of time in which the English Education can be named as a wind of change so even the characters are complaining about tat education, the things will soon change.

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