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These diagrams were commissioned for a report on runway construction for the Dublin Airport Authority. This vector illustration was commissioned by Sage Publishing to show which countries made the various parts of the plane.

Celtic Interconnector Infographic. Carbon Capture. Eirgrid EMF Emissions. Woking Shopping Centre Floor Plan.

Picturesque Europe : with illustrations on steel and wood by the most eminent artists

Eirgrid A brochure spread showing energy creation to the end user. Gas Networks, Ireland A series of illustrations showing the process of laying gas pipelines. ESB Home Insulation. ESB Home insulation. Andrew Field, BP magazine. Anglia Water - Security Risks. Exitex Ltd Roller door cross section. Exited Ltd Various isometric images. Exited Ltd External tap cover. Exited Ltd Door seal trims. Exited Ltd Draught excluder.

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Bimeda Pharmaceutica usage instructions. Masonry Support fitting instructions A selection of a series of fitting instructions for masonry supports for the Boland Group. Giving birth Images for Sage Publishing. Health Promotion Agency Images were used on an anti-smoking website campaign. Space Storage How much can you fit within the allocated storage space guide www. Family Court, Ireland. Criminal Court, Ireland. Civil Court, Ireland. Aer Lingus pencil study commission. Cabin Interior Photo-illustration of interior seating. Safety Cards. Editorial Illustration.

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Runway Construction These diagrams were commissioned for a report on runway construction for the Dublin Airport Authority. P51 Mustang. Boeing Dreamliner This vector illustration was commissioned by Sage Publishing to show which countries made the various parts of the plane. Snapfile app Icon.

Sisk Icons. Wolfhound Logo. Adidas Crest. Echlinville Distillery. Brennan's Bread. Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey. Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese Packaging. Bulmers Cider Packaging. Devils Mt. Cider packaging.

A History of England: With Illus. on Steel and Wood Volume 3 by Charles Knight -

Charleville Logo, town refinement Here i was involved in the refinement of the town in the swish of the logo. Wolfhound logo. Carrigbyrne Farmhouse Cheese Logo. Dan Kelly Cider. Patrick Blue, Farmhouse Cheese Packaging. Crest created for presentation purposes. Museum Logo, Armagh, N. Dunluce Castle Dunluce Castle gatehouse, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland, line drawing to be etched in a display panel.

Dunluce Castle, Co Antrim, N. Ireland Dunluce Castle, Co. Dunluce Castle Dunluce Castle, Co. Asford Castle Single Cask. Glen Grant Rothes Chronicles. Mulligan's Pub, Dublin.

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The Friend at Hand, Belfast. Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy. Powers Airport Release. Cork Crimson Gin. The end of the century witnessed the brilliance of the highly original English Art Nouveau illustrator Aubrey Beardsley , best-known for his erotic but sparse black-and-white illustrations. Strongly influenced by woodcut and silhouette, his sinuous line and his fantastic exaggeration of natural forms were later incorporated into the pictorial language of the international Art Nouveau style. After leaving The Yellow Book , Beardsley joined the recently founded Savoy Magazine , which published some of his best designs.

He also completed another set of illustrations for a privately printed edition of Aristophanes' Lysistrata. French 19th Century Illustrators. American 19th Century Illustrations. The outbreak of the American Civil War led to an immediate public need for pictures to illustrate military maneuvers and battles, as well as portraits of opposing politicians and military leaders. Frost, and Edwin Austin Abbey. From now on, pictures would play an increasing role in publishing, alongside the written text.

The s and s witnessed a major breakthrough in printing, which made it possible to replicate a pen and ink drawing exactly as drawn.

Six Medieval Arrow Types - What are they for?

This was followed by the invention of halftone engraving, a radically new method of translating tonal pictures resulting in a much more faithful reproduction of a painting; and a new chromolithographic printing process capable of printing colour even earlier than the halftone engraving process.

The printing process itself was made faster and cheaper with the introduction of new high speed rotary printing presses. Because of all this, publishers were able to print more, better-looking pictures, which in turn attracted more readers. Also, the first comic-strips began to appear. Bradley - known as the "American Beardsley" - who made his reputation from poster design, A.

Wenzell, and Zogbaum.

Some were French-trained, but nearly all were aware of major European developments in the art of illustration, notably the explosion of poster art championed by French poster artists Toulouse-Lautrec, Jules Cheret and Alphonse Mucha, as well as the British "Beggerstaff Brothers," and Aubrey Beardsley. History of 20th Century Illustration in Europe. Lacking the huge American home market for magazines, newspapers and comic books, developments in European illustration tended to occur in more specialist areas of graphic art , such as posters, children's books and other niches. It remained an important source of income, however, for a wide variety of European painters, graphic artists and designers.

Other 20th century European book illustrators include: the Czech artist Frank Kupka , who illustrated Elisee Reclus's L'Homme et La Terre , Leconte de Lisle's Les Brinnyes , Aristophanes's Lysistrata and Aeschylus's Prometheus ; the French graphic artist Raoul Dufy who did several types of artistic design for fashion designers like Bianchini-Ferier and Paul Poiret, as well as illustrations for poems by Apollinaire, organized by Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler ; the Russian genius Marc Chagall , from whom the art collector Ambroise Vollard commissioned illustrations for Gogol's Dead Souls published , La Fontaine's Fables and the Bible ; the Cobra group gesturalist painters Asger Jorn and Karel Appel both of whom experimented with book illustration; the British draftsman David Hockney b.

How Sheffield became Steel City: what local history can teach us about innovation

After the decline of Art Nouveau, the Italian poster artist Leonetto Cappiello was the first to appreciate the overriding need for instant visual impact and quickly established a reputation as the father of modern advertising. German poster design, meanwhile, was strongly influenced by Ludwig Hohlwein who eliminated all non-essential graphics. His contemporary, the abstractionist Lucian Bernhard, invented the German Plakatstil , a style of poster art characterized by clean lines, minimal naturalism, flat colours and precise structure, as exemplified by his Sachplakat Poster for Preister matches.