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Furto qualificado por escalamento ou Furto qualificado por arrombamento Br. Cabinet, the UK. Council of Ministers. Conselho de Ministros.

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Call centre. Came into effect. Cannabis see hashish. Capital offence. Card Deactivation. Career judges. Juizes Desembargadores. Care Order. Care Proceedings. Ebooks and Manuals

Case at issue. Caveat Emptor. CCTV close circuit television. Central reservation on motorways. Barreira delimitante protectora. Certificate of Destitution. Atestado de Pobreza obtido na Junta de Freguesia. Certificate of satisfaction. Challenge the array see Array.

Chamber of Commerce. Chambers Court 1,2,3. Chambers, in. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Charged to be. Charging Order see receiving order. Chartered Corporation. Sociedade de Capital. Chief Constable. Chief Inspector or Chief Officer of Police to testify as a properly interested person can be either the Chief Constable or officer in charge of investigation. Child Assessment Order. Child Benefit. Child destruction.

Child Protection Committee. Child Protection Register. Children Act Citation 1. Citation 2. City Council. City Police.

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Civil Commotion. Civil Division of the Court of Appeal. Civil Matters. Civil Servant. Civil Service, the. Civil Suit. Claimant or petitioner. Claim form. Claim for Payment. Claim for Possession. Clearance Area. Clerk to the Justices. Closing speech or closing argument. Coalition Against Crime. Codes of Practice Police.

Combination Order Under supervision months and do h unpaid community work. Commission for Racial Equality. Commit to Hospital eg. Internar num Hospital ex. Commit to Prison. Commit for Trial the case. Despacho de Pronuncia envio do processo para julgamento no Tribunal da Coroa. Commit for Trial the defendant. Committal Proceedings Magistrates decide if the case goes before a jury. Processo de enviar o caso para julgamento. Common Assault. Common Law. Commonwealth British Republic Communal Areas.

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Communal Estate between husband and wife. Bens Comuns do casal. Communal estate acquired after marriage. Community Property. Community Sentences. Probation, Community Service and Supervision orders eg. Attend a Centre. Community Service. Compensation for exemplary damages.

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Compensation for aggravated damages. Competitive system. Complementary law. Conclusion of trial or case. Concurrent Sentence. Conditional discharge similar to absolute discharge on condition not to re-offend within 3 years. Recrutamento Militar. Ebooks and Manuals

Consistent with the provisions of Article…. Constable see plain-clothes constable.

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Constitutional Law.