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He must be firm. She had the classic perfection of face and figure that belonged to legends.

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Her soft skin was as smooth and perfect as alabaster; her eyes were a flashing hazel-gold. She had incredible dignity, a will of steel, and a startling intelligence, yet she had the grace of a gazelle, her every movement was naturally elegant, and at unguarded moments, she could appear as soft and tender and sweetly seductive as the most naive of innocent lasses.

She was young, impressionable, passionate. He had taught her to be strong; she was his daughter, his heiress, and she must be so. He, Jason Montgomery, was ruler of all that surrounded him here in their plantation world, and he was respected by all men in Louisiana, men who were now Americans—be their ancestry French or British. He was a wise man, a learned man, indeed a powerful man, and he had tried very hard to give his daughter all of the things that made up what he was.

Now, she used them all against him.

Beneath a Blood Moon

He would not have her thinking him a madman, he would have her respect his opinion and his dictates because he was her father. Yes, he had chosen this place for just such a reason. There were men and women here of Colonial American descent; there were the French, the British.

There were the islanders, the Creoles. There were people of mixed blood, coffee-colored ancients, younger, powerful dusky beauties who knew This would not do. He raised a fist before him, shaking it toward his daughter.

Beneath a Blood Red Moon

You will not see Alec DeVereaux again. I have decided that you will marry Robert Canady and that you will do so in the next few months, as soon as a ceremony can be arranged. Passion and fury filled her eyes. The beauty and grace of her motion were never more visible than when she was angry like this. You have told me that this is now the United States of America. Why, my own father is called Baron of the Bayou, and that is enough for me!

But then she grew serious. Alec is so well read, Father! He opens the world to me. He makes me see faraway places, he makes me understand history and men and women, and things that have been, and things that will come. Because he can be fierce and so tender. Come escort my daughter to her room. She is not to leave it! Tyrone was an extraordinary black man, born in the bayou country, a free man. His parents had hailed from the islands, and before that, his ancestors had come from the far south section of Africa. He stood well over six feet tall and was pure sleek muscle from head to toe.

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He strode to Magdalena sadly. He would carry her bodily upstairs if need be. She turned back to her father, still unable to believe his unwavering hatred for the young man she had come to love.

No all-powerful men or women to command us, this is America. He was her father.

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Before this, her darling, her best friend. She turned back.

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All of my life. But there must be other love, and it is for that I must defy you. This time Magdalena did not look back.

Her heart was breaking. She loved him so dearly—his trimmed, graying beard, his tall lean form.

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He had always been there for her. Bellowing at times, gentle most often. Loving his land, but loving his books more, spending time in his study, poring over his ancient texts, always looking and learning and sharing. He had his cronies, some of them funny, peculiar men who came upon occasion to closet themselves with Jason and his books. They were all gentle and kind and quick to greet her—to study her sometimes, as they did their ancient texts.

Her father and his friends had always encouraged her to learn, to think, to make her own decisions.

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And now Tears seemed to well deep within her very being. Not Jason. He had been parent and friend all her life. A secluded village, a tall, dark, and handsome stranger, a pack of werewolves, and a secret that could destroy them all … life is very complicated beneath the blood moon! Celtic history professor Rhiannon Connelly is on a mission to find her missing friend. When she finds a strange note tucked away in a newspaper that promises answers, she packs her bags and heads off to Scotland.

Once there, she encounters a secluded village and a strangely secretive group of people led by a tall, dark and handsome stranger. Cameron Tapaire is the alpha of a secret pack of werewolves.