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We have a lot of fun developing these toys and are thrilled to be able to provide fans unique expressions of their favorite pop-culture properties. JOE G. JOE 3. As the latest G. JOE H. She discusses how to avoid catastrophic events such as heart attacks, crippling autoimmune diseases, and cancer and how we can revitalize our bodies by rejuvenating our weakest organs and glands.

Any one of these techniques will help you live longer and better. Ebooks and Manuals

Suzanne Somers, bestselling health pioneer and advocate, knows that our well-being and lifespans are in the balance. With aid from respected physicians, she wants to help us avoid tox-sickness from the massive environmental chemical attack that is permeating everyone right to the cell level, including our newborns and children.

There are easy steps to get you back on a good path, boost your health, and help guard from the toxic assault. On a mission to get us on the road to recovery, she interviews leading medical practitioners to explain how we can reshape the way we live to regain control of our health and our future. The doctors were wrong about Alan and me. Fungus in my lungs and intestines read like cancer on a CAT scan. We found that dangerous black mold had permeated the house. We moved out like bandits, did massive detoxing, and reclaimed our health.

Suzanne then saw her grade-A-achieving granddaughter begin to lose her ability to learn, comprehend, and communicate; another very scary family moment. So, passionate health warrior that she is, she sat down with top environmental doctors and specialists, all experts in the field, who shared eye-opening information and practical advice for how to survive, thrive, and stay healthy today.

Now, in TOX -SICK, Suzanne shows how we can bulletproof our bodies and homes, and effectively detox all our body systems, including the brain, gut our second brain , heart, thyroid, and more. She also provides protocols for coming clean: detox techniques, how to make your own probiotics, supplements for survival, as well as safe products and protectors. John Browne, CEO of BP formerly British Petroleum from to , advised five prime ministers and built a reputation as a visionary leader, was regularly voted the most admired businessman by his peers, and is a major player in international energy resources and applications.

Carbon unlocked the potential of other elements; with its energy, we smelt iron, mine gold, and enrich uranium. Uranium is productive nuclear power and destructive nuclear bombs ; our desire for alluring gold is the foundation of global trade, and has led to the death of millions, as well.

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Emphasizing that this journey is far from over, Browne also highlights some of the individuals who used the elements to change the course of history—from Carnegie to Curie, Pizzaro to Rockefeller—and shares his own experiences with oil barons in Russia, tribesmen in Colombia, and technology wizards in Silicon Valley. John Browne is a Partner at Riverstone, an energy and power-focused private equity firm, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Tate galleries, and a fellow of the Royal Society.

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In Seven Elements That Have Changed The World , John Browne combines history, science, and politics to explore human passion, ingenuity, and discovery and the surprising new uses for these seven elements to transform modern consumer society, the global energy sector, and start a technology revolution. He joined BP in as a university apprentice. He was appointed Group Chief Executive on 10 June He was knighted in and made a life peer in All Americans should pay close heed. Read it. Califano, Jr.

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On the eve of a presidential election that may determine the makeup of Supreme Court justices for decades to come, prominent attorney and former federal prosecutor James D. Zirin argues that the Court has become increasingly partisan, rapidly making policy choices right and left on bases that have nothing to do with law or the Constitution. Zirin explains how we arrived at the present situation and looks at the current divide through its leading partisans, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor on the left and the late Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas on the right.

Zirin is a leading litigator who has appeared in federal and state courts around the nation. On October 11, at p. Belushi paused, raised his eyebrow, and then did the same.

Rather, the book is a roadmap for anyone who wants to better understand their brain and the ways in which they can tame it. Divided into five sections, the book encompasses:. I look forward to touching base with you soon about these opportunities! China faces a demographic outlook of remorseless aging. Another acute threat to growth that Beardson highlights is a low-tech economy that is not demonstrating sufficient innovation.

Other challenges that Beardson explores include extreme gender disparity, social instability, a devastated environment, a diminishing labor force and the absence of an effective welfare safety net. He presents bold policy prescriptions addressing these challenges and explains why without substantial reform China is unlikely to replace America as the next superpower. Crosby Financial Holdings, founded by Beardson, was the first investment bank to be licensed in China and was also actively engaged in the opening of the Shanghai stock exchange.

Beardson uses his extensive experience from living and working in Asia over the last 35 years to offer bold policy prescriptions as to how China could address the problems it will face. Since the late s he has been a frequent speaker on political, economic, environmental and strategic issues at the World Economic Forum at Davos, at prominent universities, and to corporate boards and central banks. He is also Chairman of the China Oxford Scholarship Fund, which gives scholarships to talented Chinese graduates from poor families to study at the University of Oxford.

How well do you understand your mind—how it works, how it keeps you sane, what can drive you insane, and the tools that can improve how it functions?

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Thanks to a long overdue cultural shift, women are no longer interested in starving themselves to be rail thin. Instead they want to look and feel strong.

Women are increasingly turning to hard-core training regimens like CrossFit, Tough Mudder, and P90X, over kinder, gentler yoga and Pilates workouts. Instead of eating like rabbits, they want to eat like cheetahs and use food as fuel. Forget damsels in distress—women want to be superheroes.

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Strong is sexy. Strong is powerful. And best of all, strong is achievable.