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The author did strike a great balance between the romance and suspense plot lines.

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So those were the parts that didn't quite work for me, luckily this book has a lot of good parts tough. I really like Karen Rock's writing style and this book was no exception. The story and romance did flow well. And I really liked Nash. The romance also was well done. And the epilogue was great.

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I also liked the small cameo appearance from the two main character of the first book. Katharine comes across as a bit cold when we first meet her, but I did warm up to her eventually.

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Nash tough I liked from the start. I thought Nash was a great character, I liked how he had some vulnerabilities, but also was very confident and capable. He trusted his intuition, cared about his family and was clear when he told Katharine how he felt about her, although he could be a tad overprotective. But with the dangerous case they're solving, that did make sense.


I liked Katharine well enough and I think she was a great partner for Nash, although I never warmed up to her as much as Nash. I liked how much she believed in Nash and trusted him, especially how she encouraged him to follow his dreams of become a police officer. I liked how these two met and how they started working together on the case. Their first meeting is in the strip club and they have a one night stand, which eventually turns into more one night stands and grows into something more.

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It made sense how and why they worked together on the case and it was a good way for them to slowly grow closer. I liked the romance plot line and how it was low on drama. Although I wouldn't have minded seeing some of the conflict worked out a bit more as now they had these reasons for not getting into a relationship, but they felt a bit thin and weren't as much of an issue at all.

They were great together and I liked seeing how their instant attraction grew into something more. While this book is book 2 in a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. There is only a very small tie in with book 1, namely that Nash works at the strip club that's the focus of book 1 and the strip club plays a role here as well, although way less than in book 1.

There is one scene in which we meet the main character form book 1, but it's only a small cameo appearance. I actually would've liked to see a bit more of a connection between the books. To summarize: This book had a lot of good parts, but I also had some issues with it. I wasn't able to get fully sucked into the story at times. The whole serial killer plot line was a bit too too gruesome and dark for me at times, although the author didn't provide too many graphic details it was still clear what happened to the victims. I managed to figure out who the killer was very early in the book, which kinda ruined the tension and mystery, as every clue just made me more sure of my suspects into of making me doubt it.

The side characters stayed a bit flat, but a few of them got a bit fleshed out. I really liked Nash, he was caring and sweet, confident and also had some vulnerabilities. It took me a while to warm up to Katharine, but I did like her. The romance was great, low on the drama, but with some instant attraction that slowly turns into more. While part of a series it can easily be read as a standalone, as it only has part of the same setting as book 1, but that's mostly the only connection.

May 05, Bette Hansen rated it really liked it. Deadly Games is the second book in the Dallas After Dark series. If you haven't read the first book you will have no problem reading this one as a standalone. After enjoying all the action filled and steamy pages of this book you will definitely want to go back and read book one Dangerous Moves. In this book we meet Special Agent Katherine Bowden.

She's a profiler and tends to get completely absorbed by her cases. That doesn't leave much time for any type of relationship.

The she meets Nash Hawkins. What was suppose to be one night quickly turns into much more. Nash has always had a dream of being a police officer so he understands how consuming the job can be. When it turns out he has a small connection to her current case they work together to get to the bottom of everything. Definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good romantic suspense. Aug 03, Debbie rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , crime-thriller , military-police-people , reads , 4-star-reads , archaeolibrarian , kinda-creeps-up-on-ya. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

I would like to, though.

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You don't NEED it, I don't think, I didn't feel I was missing anything by not having read it, but I would like to read Reese's story, she's the owner of the strip club here. N Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Nash is their star performer.

Nash pulls Katherine loved that it was not shortened, not once! A night of passion follows but Katherine runs, knowing that it can only be that: one night. But Nash turns up at her office with information that might help find a serial killer. Together, they must catch this killer before one of Katherine's friends turns up dead, all the while with Katherine fighting their attraction.

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Nash, however, is already all in! I really really enjoyed this book! Don't you just love being surprised by a book, but you've no particular idea why?? I must admit, I had preconceptions about a male stripper, and what he got up to with his customers. But Nash blew them all out the water. As did the fact that I, very wrongly, pegged Nash as all body and no brains! And for that I'm truly sorry! I liked the pace the story moved at, not too fast, at a fair and even pace so you can keep up.

Loved watching the main play out, so many wrong turns! It's not over explicit, but it is still incredibly sexy. It does get a little gruesome in the beginning, when it is describing a victim's suffering at the hands of the killer. I do like the way Rock tells her tales, one to watch, me finks!

Jul 17, Lynn Brooks rated it it was amazing. Riveting from the first page! With the second book in her Dallas After Dark series, Karen Rock takes us back to the sultry nights of the Dallas Heat male strip club. We recognize several of the characters from the first book in the series, and get down and dirty with Nash Hawkins fairly quickly! The start of the book draws us into the terror that is about to strike, then we're electrified with sexual tension when Nash and Katherine cross paths for the first time before joining forces to solve an intriguing case.

The plot was developed well and the characters were pretty spot on in believability and interaction. My favorite in the series! FBI agent Katherine Bowden didn't expect to find herself back home in Dallas at this point in her life, but here she is She's not one to typically be out partying, but when she reconnected with an old friend from school at just about the same time that her divorce was finalized, there was no turning down the invitation to hang with the girls at a strip club for the night!

Private investigator by day, stripper by night Nash Hawkins is used to the women ogling his well-defined body, and he's only too happy to flaunt it for them to bring a smile to their face. When his eyes meet a buttoned-up Katherine's during his routine, he's mesmerized. He draws her onto the stage with him, turns her on like nobody's business and then propositions her for the night. It's a night he'll never forget Nov 15, Chanel rated it liked it Shelves: mystery-action-romance , romance-with-law-enforcement.

The backdrop for the story line is "Dallas Heat", the hottest strip club in town, owned by Reese from book 1. It's a typical night at work for the headliner, Nash, until a beautiful lady in a conservative navy suit captures his attention. After a few drinks, and a push from her friends, Katherine finds herself on stage with the sexy stripper, and later in his bed. Newly divorced and workaholic FBI agent, Katherine, wasn't planning on seeing her "one-night stand again.

Nash, a stripper that "day-lights" as a Private Eye, finds himself collaborating with Katherine to stop a Serial Killer that is terrorizing twenty-something blonds. The fast pace plot kept my attention, but unfortunately, there were a few things that had me questioning the plot: 1. It sure didn't take me long to to figure out the bad guy's identify, yet he wasn't even on the FBI's radar. Would an FBI agent really be able to tell her superior she wanted to work solo on a serial killer case, only to later partner with a Private Investigator?

And Lover! Now on the positive side, Nash's family added value and interest to the story line, as did Katherine's friends. Jul 08, Whispers From rated it it was amazing. Katherine is a divorced FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killer. When she was in school, her best friend was taken and Katherine was attacked but saved by her friend.

He is taking young, blonde, petite women. Her friends talk her into going to a strip club where she meets Nash.