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A Do Not Resuscitate Order instructs healthcare professionals not to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR if a person's heart stops or if she or she stops breathing. A DNR order is signed by a doctor and put in a person's medical chart. In addition to these, there may be other documents discussing organ and tissue donation , dialysis, and blood transfusions. For more information about advance directives for health care, see Advance Care Planning: Healthcare Directives.

Advance directives for financial and estate management must be created while the person with Alzheimer's still can make these decisions sometimes referred to as "having legal capacity" to make decisions. These directives may include the following:. A will indicates how a person's assets and estate will be distributed upon death.

It also can specify:. Medical and legal experts say that the newly diagnosed person with Alzheimer's and his or her family should move quickly to make or update a will and secure the estate.

A durable power of attorney for finances names someone to make financial decisions when the person with Alzheimer's disease no longer can. It can help people with the disease and their families avoid court actions that may take away control of financial affairs. A living trust provides instructions about the person's estate and appoints someone, called the trustee, to hold title to property and funds for the beneficiaries.

The trustee follows these instructions after the person with Alzheimer's no longer can manage his or her affairs. The person with Alzheimer's disease also can name the trustee as the healthcare proxy through the durable power of attorney for health care. Healthcare providers cannot act as legal or financial advisers, but they can encourage planning discussions between patients and their families.

Qualified clinicians can also guide patients, families, the care team, attorneys, and judges regarding the patient's ability to make decisions. Private health insurance may also cover these discussions.

Advance Directives for Alzheimer’s / Dementia

An elder law attorney helps older people and families interpret State laws, plan how their wishes will be carried out, understand their financial options, and learn how to preserve financial assets while caring for a loved one. See the resources at the end of this article for more information.

Geriatric care managers are trained social workers or nurses who can help people with Alzheimer's disease and their families. How long a person had been single and the reason they were single also affected risk. Living alone for your entire adult life doubled risk, but those who had been married and then divorced and remained single in midlife showed three times the risk.

Is an Alzheimer's Diagnosis Grounds for Divorce? - Alzheimer's Disease Center - Everyday Health

Those at greatest risk of developing dementia were people who had lost their partner before middle age and then continued to live as a widow or widower. Requires a high order of personality skills to sustain a long marriage and raise children to successful adulthoods. Donnez-moi un break, as we say. Further, my blood pressure went out of control and I was at such high risk that my doctor told me not to drive, or even walk around the city on my own, because my risk of stroke was so great.

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But to clarify, this data showed risk of dementia increased with divorce, being widowed or being single. Marriage was protective. But you make a good point and one the researchers want to investigate further — whether the quality of the relationship matters as well.

In my family the 3 elderly great-aunts not related to each other who got Alzheimers were all widowed during WW2 and had lived decades alone after raising their one child each. I wonder if it is really to do with loneliness speeding decline and not to do with how your marriage ended. Many women were widowed in the s, it would be interesting to see the stats on the widows vs the 50 year marriages in this age group. I had the same thought as Mark Klein comment 1. That makes sense to me. I also agree with Susanna comment 2.

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  • Seriously though, the cause and effect are so important here and not addressed by this study. Correlation is not causation. Tara, this is an interesting study, but I also think there are deeper physiological and social factors at work. Certainly social and intellectual stimulation can come from many sources, and amount may be a factor. But the trauma aspect is where I think that researchers should concentrate. The biochemistry of trauma and stress is potent, and the effects of stress easily become chronic, influencing hormonal patterns and pH in tissues not blood with concommitant effects on increased needs for nutrition etc.

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    • Mid-life is a difficult transition time, also, anyway and any large disturbance then is also more potent. The scales that test and quantify Stress show the tremendous physiological pressure produced on the organism by death, divorce, job change, job loss etc. Finances also create additional Stress and impact the ability of a person to re-connect or create a social network, buy nutrititious quality food and jump-start an interest in Life. After the initial traumatic event, the more one steps away from Life or remains disengaged can be counteracted somewhat by an interested, compassionate community at large.

      Robertson is quite aware of the tragedy and suffering of Alzheimer's disease. But his suggestion for the man to seek a divorce is putting the cart before the horse. Divorce may be an option for the man, but it's a rare choice.

      Divorce, losing a job: Mid-life crisis ups Alzheimer's risk in women more than men

      In my entire career I've never seen it happen. My response, instead, would be to empathize with the man's feelings, acknowledge the struggle that he and so many other spouses of Alzheimer's patients face, remind him of the still present humanity and sacredness in his wife and the potential for a loving and meaningful relationship despite the illness, and refer him to the many wonderful support services for Alzheimer's disease. In the end, let us respond positively and collectively to the cry of the Psalmist: "Do not cast me off in old age; when my strength fails, do not forsake me" Psalm Regardless of our religious traditions, it's a sentiment we all can share.

      To me Not even a fleeting thought for most of us I suggest the marriage was not exactly great in prior years! Alzheimers's is a walking death Some warm fuzzy moments too! Even in middle and late life, we need ongoing advice and skills training. A famous older artist showed us how aging can help and not hinder creativity.

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