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A flat microwave antenna protruded from the side of the lumbering aircraft. Testing showed that as it heated up the insides, people scattered like ants from a hill after a swift kick. Jimmy made a notation in his flight log.

Getting a little shallow. Valid point. He increased the bank and smoothed the action with a touch of rudder. A group of misfit teens festering with discontent. Four hands hauling him from his Kawasaki rat bike. Sweat stinging his eyes now as well as then, Vince reached up to adjust his air vents for like the nine hundredth time since takeoff. How could they make this airplane so high-tech and not get the damn air-conditioning to work? No special sounds or even so much as a vibration went through the craft.

The only way to measure success was to watch and wait and. His AK dropped from his hand onto the dusty ground. Jimmy twitched in his seat. It was disorienting and unpleasant, to say the least, but not damaging. He was willing to take that searing discomfort and more to power through developing this particular brainchild, a personal quest for him. He could have been on the side of the evil cheerleader today if not for one person: a half-crazy old war vet who took on screwed-up teens that most good citizens avoided on the street.


Don Bassett had never asked for anything in return. Keep looking. Badass Barbie shook his head quickly, looked around, then leapt toward his AK lying in the dust. Berg kept the crosshairs planted on the troublemaker as he attempted to escape the heat. The wiry man sidled away. Faster again, until he gave up and broke into a sprint, disappearing around a corner of the building.

Vince continued banking left over the village so the cameras could monitor the horde. As hoped, the crowd seemed to chat among themselves for a while, some looking up at the plane, discussing, then slowly re-forming a line to the church. Cheers from the crew zipped through the headset for one full circle around the now-peaceful gathering.

Things could still stir up in a heartbeat, but the pop from the ADS had definitely increased the odds for the good guys. God, he loved it when a plan came together. His crew called in one by one in the same order as specified in the aircraft technical order, ending with him. With luck, the rest of the election would go as smoothly, and they would be back in the good ole U. Five peaceful hours later, Vince cranked the yoke, guiding the AC into a roll, heading for the base, where he would debrief this mission and lay out plans for their return home.

Vince finally let the message flood his mind. The e-mail scrolled through his head faster than data on his control panel:. What did surprise him, however, was Don asking for help. The dude was a giver, not a taker. It meant that, for whatever reason, he must be desperate. Not that the reason even mattered. Whatever the old guy wanted, he could have. Seventeen years ago, one of his fellow gang members had been gunned down by cops just doing their jobs.

Home Read Free Novels. An action-packed story line. All rights reserved. Uncomfortable, but preferable to a lethal bullet. A girl in the way.

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Until this morning. Berg centered the crosshairs again. Cleared to fire. Young djinn must solver a murder mystery. Two children whose are descended from djinn battle animated statues.

Children of the Lamp 5. Twins battle a djinn. Children of the Lamp 6. Our two young protagonists battle another evil djinn and locate some ensorcelled sorcerors to save the world from a plague of bad luck. A would be jewelry maker is magically transported to a besieged fortress where she discovers she possesses powerful magical abilities and that she is expected to change the course of the battle as well as the course of her life. Romance about a woman who falls in love with a man who turns out to be a ghost.

A retelling for younger readers. An adventurer teams up with inhuman creatures during his odyssey through a bizarre, frightening, and magical world of the future.


A young woman with magical powers tries to locate and deal with a mischievous god who may be able to free her from the fate she is doomed to suffer at the metaphysical hands of the river god. The man who stole the throne has also unleashed dangerous magic. The opposition finally gets its act together.

A kingdom descending into chaos is saved by a new leader. The descendants of the Virginia Dare colony live in a magical world to which they have been abducted.

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Age of Unreason 2. Supernatural creatures bring an asteroid to collide with Earth, but Isaac Newton and Ben Franklin are prepared to oppose them. The author plays with various other aspects of human history as background. When the heir to the throne disappears, the queen's most trusted knight is sent to find her.

Age of Unreason 3. A new ice age is descending on North America and Europe is plagued with sorcerers and supernatural creatures. Newton, Ben Franklin, Voltaire, and other historical figures team up in an attempt to restore some form of order on an increasingly chaotic world.

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Elder Scrolls 1. A floating city is in peril. Age of Unreason 1. Isaac Newton makes a radical discovery that changes the course of history by providing France with a revolutionary weapon that can make them a world power. Ben Franklin is another major character in this innovative fantasy. Age of Unreason 4. Ben Franklin and a shaman must pool their talents in order to thwart a female scientist who has wedded magic and technology.

Members of a royal family have been known to disappear, events which are somehow connected to the powers of the River God who watches over the family. A young noble decides to solve the mystery rather than become yet another victim. Although she joked that her magical powers worked, a young girl finds things more complicated when it appears that she was telling the truth.

Young adult fantasy about a mysterious artifact. This novel alternates between the present and the 17 th Century, as the curse of a long dead magician affects a man generations later, and his wife must explore the history of the family to find a way to free the man she loves. A Forgotten Realms Nobles novel.

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A group of people struggle to survive in a medieval style world whose customs are being overthrown by the invention of new and more powerful weapons. A Greyhawk novel. When his pixie companion is taken prisoner and spirited away underground, a hero must follow and battle hordes of monsters in order to rescue her. War is waged across the countryside using both explosives and magic. The protector of the realm has his work cut out for him when an old enemy unleashes an army of malevolent creatures into his world. The rise of a new leader threatens to throw barbarian tribes into conflict.

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Three unlikely companions caught in a war among various groups of priests seek three magical artifacts that could bring the battle to the end.