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Order-by accepts a list of columns mapped to boolean indicates if sorting should be ascending or descending. In group-by, define fields and their functions such as count by the slice method. You can use limit function to prevent loading large data sets or use it for pagination with second offset parameter.

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Aliases allow preventing ambiguity between field names and table names. Use the aliased var instead of original one:. Batch Insert allow mapping a list of entities into DB raws in one sql statement.

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It is more efficient than inserting one by one as it initiates only one statement. Here is an example:.

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By default it will try to insert into all non auto-increment Table columns in order they defined in Table instance. If you want to specify columns or change the order, provide list of columns as second parameter:.

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ALEX is meant to provide researchers, advocates, policymakers and journalists with reliable and accessible algorithmic auditing methods and data. In our view, it empowers users to independently monitor, compare, and reflect upon their information diets.

A network of ‘camgirl’ sites exposed millions of users and sex workers

It is innovative because:. In other words, users can decide at any time if and what data to volunteer and to what research project. They can also decide to withdraw their participation whenever they are so inclined. It supports data protection and user privacy: it is fully GDPR-compliant, it does not interfere with the user privacy settings and observes only publicly available content appearing in the Facebook news feed, not individual profiles or pages.