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Project: Logo and Illustrations for a seasonally-fresh, locally-sourced catering company established in NYC. Project: Illustration and typography on chalkboard for Epicurious editor's first cookit event featuring nachos. Project: Coffee Label Illustration for local roastery. An anthropomorphic tale of the process of coffee. Project: Illustration for global cover contest ad.

Client: Advertising Age Magazine.

Project: Chopstick sleeves. Project: Illustrations, infographics, data visualization for the Ocean Health Index website. Project: A 12 month, 12 character, in-store series created by expanding upon the restaurant's existing logo. Project: Illustration, website, and business card for music and sound design house.

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Project: Logo, corporate identity, website, trim, lookbooks, seasonal illustrations and graphics, and all printed collateral for NYC denim label. Client: Fresh You can also be a part of the heritage walks, which will be organised daily through the old city. Gali Baazi is not a medium to insult society, people or organisations, as many think, but a homegrown style in which the performers speak and sing songs full of sarcasm, satire and humour.

Soak yourself in some Rajasthani culture.

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On till March The images of an idyllic childhood meet with those of the post-technological era, and the dominance of blue in his work is truly fascinating. Characterised by wild imagination, tame creatures, real memories and surreal images, Mansoori engages with his favourite protagonist Krishna, who, despite his status as God, had to surrender his play in Vrindavan for moments of ploy in the battle of Kurukshetra.

Till March Ahmedabad: Ajay Chaudhary in his latest work draws inspiration from the New York School of abstract painting but he steers clear of any obvious derivation. The collection is a potpourri of images on the road like defaced advertisements on buses and hoardings.

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He reduces his abstracts to minimal palette of colour, stressing on white and black hatchings, lines, erasures and scrapings on the canvas. Subhash Ghai has always had a very strong notion of politics. At his pulpiest best, films such as Khalnayak and Karma have made strong statements not only about the limits of the state but also about what is the correct moral order. Invariably hidden beneath the Choli ke peecheys and the My name is Lakhans , there has been a powerful social intent—although it has to be said sometimes it is lost in the clamour of his glamour.

  1. Mark Lombardi: (dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notes - 100 Thoughts, 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken # 071) (dOCUMENTA (13): 100 Notizen - 100 Gedanken) (German Edition)!
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  3. Folk Lure – Anne Bright Designs.
  4. US Army Rager handbook Combined with, TECHNICAL MANUAL UNIT AND DIRECT SUPPORT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR MACHINE GUNS, CALIBER .50: M2, HEAVY BARREL, FLEXIBLE, ... field manuals when you sample this book.
  5. Japan seeks to lure city folk to small towns | Shanghai Daily;
  6. In Black and White , Ghai has attacked the subject of morality in a less oblique fashion. What kind of society is it that drives a man to commit a horrendous crime? That may well be possible now, with Folk Studio — a space that brings artisans face-to-face with their clients. Visitors can sit with them and learn from them, buy their artwork, and even get customised products.

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    Located inside the premises of Vivanta By Taj Surajkund, the studio opened its doors in November, coinciding with the launch of the hotel itself. Besides these two resident potters, other artisans and artistes are also welcomed for a temporary period.

    The day we visited, there was a woman from Rajasthan shaping bangles out of lac an alloy used to create colourful bangles. One saw an enthusiastic young girl interacting with the woman, understanding her craft, and realising what it takes to shape a Rs 20 bangle out of piping hot iron stick.