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Extensive editorial commentaries analyse the relations among the surviving texts, presenting the editorial rationale which guided the choice of readings contained in the edited text. Edited by John van Wyhe et al. There are also many newly transcribed and never before published manuscripts such as Darwin's Beagle field notebooks.

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Also appearing for the first time online are complete images of Darwin's early notebooks on geology, transmutation of species and metaphysical enquiries. Darwin Correspondence Project.

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Directed by James A. Second, Cambridge: University of Cambridge, As of , the digital edition contains more than letters. There is a search interface but no browsing structures that would make an easy overview and entrance. The portal, however, offers manifold contextual material, learning reasources and special features.

Verlierer der Geschichte (3) - Spanische Armada

Erasmus Darwin. The Temple of Nature Dasypodius' Dictionarium Latinogermanicum. Dublin: Trinity College, The Destruction of Troy. This project conforms fully to the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines. In: Digital Philology 1 , S. DOI: Ray Siemens has called for scholars 'to extend our understanding of the scholarly edition in light of new models of edition production that embrace social networking and its commensurate tools… [to develop] the social edition as an extension of the traditions in which it is situated and which it has the potential to inform productively'.

Bringing practice to theory, we have modeled the social edition, working as a team to extend scholarly best practice and open-access methodology to collaborative technologically mediated scholarly editing in Web 2. We have chosen to build our edition Wikibooks, alongside and with help from the dedicated Wikibooks community. Our goal, through community engagement via Wikibooks, twitter, blogs, and drupal-based social media space, is to use existing social media tools to change the role of the scholarly editor from the sole authority on the text to a facilitator who brings traditional and citizen scholars into collaboration through ongoing editorial conversation.

The Correspondence of John Dewey. Dickinson Electronic Archives.

Anhand verschiedener Autoren des It contains images, diplomatic analyses, and editions of their preserved charters and letters issued from the late 12th to the early 16th century. Diplomatische Dokumente der Schweiz DodiS. Benjamin Disraeli: Alroy. Domesday Explorer, Version 1. To help the reader understanding the topic, the notes point towards numerous files that supply information about the historical and literary context. Frederick Douglass Papers - Digital Edition. Created by Mary Rambaran-Olm, [probably Calgary] Presents a text from the Vercelli Book with transcription, glossary, commentary, translation, manuscript images and some introduction.

Riggio et al.


Korrespondenzen und Texte, teilweise als Abbildungen, teilweise als unkritische Volltexte, teilweise als annotierte Transkriptionen. In: Text. Durham Liber Vitae. The project aims to create a complete, modern, annotated edition of this difficult manuscript, combining XML TEI and database technologies. The edition will be a paper publication of the transcript, generated indices, linguistic and prosopographical commentary, with digital facsmile and other resources on DVD-ROM.

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Depending on time issues, there may also be an online component to the publication. A very short note on the project is provided by a King's College page. Early Stuart Libels: an edition of poetry from manuscript sources. It brings into the public domain over poems, many of which have never before been published. Ferdinand Ebner: Gesammelte Werke. Online Edition. Nearly , document images are now available in digital format.

The database also includes documents from Part IV and Part V in-progress of the microfilm edition as well as material from the Outside Repositories that have been indexed but not yet digitized. Another feature enables users to search for words and phrases appearing in the approximately 4, targets descriptive introductions to the folders and volumes. Through the series notes, the edition provides links to targets at the series, subseries, and folder or volume levels. It also provides a list with linked images of all records in a particular folder or volume when the associated target is brought to the screen.

Die Glossen Ekkeharts IV.

Antiq. Bookfarm/ Sebastian Seckfort

Heinrich von Veldeke — Eneasroman. Alfred Escher - Briefedition. Die Briefe werden sowohl als gedruckte Reihe als auch online als digitale Edition publiziert. Das Text-Image-Linking ist allerdings nur eines von zahlreichen bemerkenswerten Features. Orte und Personen farbig hervorheben zu lassen.

Beta version 1 Created by Donald J. The "site is the home of a new open-access digital edition of the scholia on the plays of the ancient Athenian tragedian Euripides born ca. There are [via filters] currently three levels of detail offered: full view shows each scholion followed by all public elements that have been provided in the edition not all elements appear for every scholion ; expert view shows the same but also adds two optional elements intended for the author and collaborators; the view with trans.

The content can be filtered to include everything prefatory material or arguments and scholia of all kinds ; only the old scholia scholia vetera ; all scholia except those tagged as glosses Muir, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, The DVD] contains an animated background documentary on the history of the manuscript, a selection of readings in both Old and Modern English, recordings of some of the Latin antiphons which inspired the poet of the 'Advent Lyrics', an illustrated report by Nicholas Pickwoad on the present state of the binding, and the full text of the edition.

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There is a snapshot from Jean Paul Portal. Gaehtgens and Anne Tempelaere-Panzani. Paris: Centre Allemand d'histoire de l'art, Historisch-kritische Edition.

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Feldpost - II. Die Briefe aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg sind durch einen digitalen Bestandskatalog erschlossen. Die Briefe sind nach Stichworten, Datum und Konvolut zu durchsuchen und dann auch im Konvolutszusammenhang aufzurufen. The Fleischmann Diaries. The project involved the digitisation of the and diaries of the late German-born Irish composer, Aloys Fleischmann — In addition to digital preservation, the aim of the Fleischmann Diaries project was to create a freely available digitisation prototype for scholars and non-practitioners, providing them with a reproducible model.

Dictionaries. An International Encyclopedia of Lexicography: Supplementary - Google Книги

The project focused on digital photography and the online publication of the digitised archive. Future expansion will consist of metadata development, which will transform the site into an enhanced scholarly resource. A supporting dissertation, documenting the technical process and establishing a theoretical basis, is published on the dissertation page of the site. Flos - Digital Edition. Leonardo Pisano: Flos super solutionibus quorundam questionum ad numerum et ad geometriam vel ad utrumque pertinentium. A cura di Alessandra Giammalva. Il software messo a punto infatti permette di accedere ai contenuti testuali e alle riproduzioni fotografiche in facsimile dell'originale manoscritto.

Digitale genetisch-kritische und kommentierte Edition. Strasser, assist. TEI-based digital edition offering facsimile, original transcription, and modern french transcription with some prefatory remarks, commentary and bibliography. Bearbeitet von Matthias P. Bearbeitet von Heidrun Boshof, Graz, The navigable reconstruction of the Forum represents statues within their urban context so as to indicate the space in which civic rituals occurred.

The visualization relies upon archeological evidence that precisely attests to the original display spots of many statues; carefully considered hypotheses point toward plausible locations of the other artworks. Version 2. Significant passages in Latin and Greek are translated. This is now a historical record. The Papers of Benjamin Franklin. This digital edition includes texts of the published papers and unverified, rough transcriptions of the as-yet-unpublished material. The rough transcriptions will be replaced with verified texts as future volumes of the Franklin Papers are published.

The texts are fully searchable and they are indexed by volume, name of correspondent, and date. The digital edition does not include [the] editorial headnotes and footnotes [from the printed volumes]. It does, however, contain biographical sketches of all Franklin's correspondents, written exclusively for this database, and it provides translations of some of the French documents.