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Joseph seemed to be dressed as Matt Smith 's incarnation of The Doctor.

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In "Utopia", May-Li mentions that Archie was away meeting some potential foster parents and never returned after that as his departure was off screen. Candi-Rose is known for her girliness, similar Carmen Howle , also she likes pink and the world of fashion. Candi-Rose is introduced when she makes friends with Chloe. In "Sittin' in a Tree", Candi-Rose is shocked when she's told by the others that Jody and Tyler are just friends, as she thinks as well as everyone else in the house they're perfect for each other.

Candi-Rose offers both Jody and Tyler advice about love. Helping Tyler how to deal with asking a girl for her number, and helping Jody figure out her feelings towards Tyler after she deliberately messes things up for Tyler and the girl he likes. Jody makes it clear that her and Tyler is just friends. But Candi-Rose is still convinced that Jody wants to be more than just friends with Tyler at some point in the future. But she later feels guilty and owns up, Floss later forgives her after telling Candi-Rose that she's rubbish at everything.

Floss then persuades the director in charge of the advert to allow Candi-Rose to play a part in the advert as Floss' friend. In "Making Waves", when a new resident Taz is due to arrive, Mike and May-Li thought it best for some of the residents to go out for the day so Taz wouldn't be too overwhelmed on her first day.

Sasha was originally having a trip to the beach just for her, but much to Sasha annoyance, Mike invited half of the kids along on the trip. When they arrive at the beach, Mike splits the kids up into teams with various tasks. Mike teamed Candi-Rose with Sasha again, much to Sasha's annoyance as the girls are the complete opposite in personality to build a sand sculpture. Candi-Rose was much more enthusiastic than usual as she had never had a trip to the beach before. Candi-Rose and Sasha start getting along while they make an octopus sand sculpture.

When they finish it Candi-Rose suggests for them to take a selfie in-front of the sculpture. But when Tyler and Ryan arrive, Ryan starts to tease Sasha by saying she's starting to turn all pink and girly.

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Sasha doesn't take it well and starts to lash out at Candi-Rose and destroy their sand sculpture. This upsets Candi-Rose and causes her to run off crying. Sasha starts to feel bad and panics when she can't find Candi-Rose. Sasha and Tyler follow footsteps that follow to the sea, and end up finding her phone on the floor.

They go to Mike to tell him that Sasha lost Candi-Rose, but before they tell Mike, Candi-Rose appears looking for her phone and much to everyone's shock, Sasha immediately hugs Candi-Rose after thinking she'd lost her. Candi-Rose mentions that she and her sister used to hide under their bed whenever they heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It's assumed that they were abused in the past. Alex Walker , [11] portrayed by Connor Lawson , [12] made his first appearance on 3 March in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode Belief.

Alex is quite a hot tempered boy who hasn't had the best start in life. From finding himself living on the streets from just 12 years old, Alex has learnt to take care of himself and finds it hard to listen to authority. He is shown to be gentle and sensitive at times, particularly to those he cares about.

He respects Mike and he takes a particular liking to Floss soon becoming her best friend for a short time, in spite of his "tough" exterior. He prefers to be alone and sometimes aloof yet he is strongly caring and has a strong sense of integrity; he doesn't like opening up or feeling vulnerable, as he opens up his feelings to Finn and Charlie. Background Before being placed into the care system, Alex used to live with his mother, Aileen Peters. At the time, Aileen was very poor, and found it hard to find the money to take care of herself and Alex.

One day, when Alex was just 5 years old, Aileen took Alex out for a drive, got him a comic and bottle of pop. But then she left on the street outside his dad's workplace and drove off without him. Leaving him alone on the street. She felt like she was doing the right thing for Alex at the time, and thought she was protecting him, but any stranger could've just took Alex.

Alex ended up living with his dad, but he was never around. He'd either be at work, or would just go away for days. And eventually, Alex was put into care. Alex ended up running away from his care homes a lot, and at just 12 years old he found himself homeless and living on the streets. Cold, alone, frightened and hungry, Alex learnt quickly to take care of himself as everyone else in his life so far that he'd ever trusted has left him.

And felt like everyone who just pretends to care just goes.

Alex spent about 2 years of the street, and ended up becoming friends with an old man, who was also homeless, called George. George described Alex as being the grandson he never had, and they both promised to look out for each other through thick and thin. Series 5 In his first episode "Belief", Alex is still living homeless on the streets and frequently gets donations from Kazima Tako , who feels sorry for him since she once lived on the street and knows what it's like, but one day runs off with her shopping bags and it is discovered he lives in a squat on his own.

When Kazima convinces him to come back to the DG for some food, he steals the residents of the Dumping Ground's belongings but they get them back at the end of the episode. He refuses help from Ashdene Ridge and Kazima and ultimately stays on his own. And the squat they were both living in had been boarded up by the council, leaving them with nowhere to go. Kazima manages to hide them both in the attic for a bit and gives them food, until May-Li finds out what's going on.

I Heart You, Archie de Souza

Alex ends up staying at Ashdene Ridge after George tries to runaway without Alex, and when Alex caught up with him, George shouted at him telling him that he's trying to get away from him. And that he made the pact with Alex to suit himself, but now that it doesn't, he doesn't want Alex around anymore. He tells Alex to get lost, but confesses to Kazima when Alex is taken back to Ashdene Ridge by May-Li and Tyler, that he didn't mean a word of what he just said, and just wanted to give Alex the best chance he had.

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Alex wasn't a very popular person in the Dumping Ground to begin with, as he is already known as a thief by the others and he has many angry outbursts, especially when Kazima announced she was leaving to live with her dad in Denmark. And Kazima was the only person in Ashdene Ridge that liked Alex. Although Tyler had promised Kazima he'd look out for Alex. Even though, Alex isn't close to Tyler often or hangs out with him, but he does eventually settle in and hangs out and becomes friends with Finn, Charlie and sometimes Jody. Taz is a lot like how Jody was when she arrived at the Dumping Ground.

In series 5 episode 20, when news breaks out that Mike and May-li have fought and May-li is leaving, she burst into tears and clings to May-li.

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This is supposedly what changed May-li mind into staying at the DG. In "Cat's in the Cradles" Mike want to sell the old piano because it's old but Taz refused to as she reveals in the end her mum and dad has taught her how to play the piano and she also mentioned that her dad stopped playing the piano as her mum died and its shows that she misses her parents and her dad put her into care because he couldn't cope raising Taz alone and in the end Tyler, Jody and Floss supported Taz to keep the piano as it changes Mike's mind because Taz is shown as a pianist.

She is of Filipino descent. Charlie arrives at The Dumping Ground and gains permission to set up a den in the garden to watch wildlife, which Taz Jasmine Uson joins in with. Charlie acts is judge in a kangaroo court when Jody and Joseph Yousef Naseer are suspected of stealing money. The young people are devastated when The Dumping Ground is to be knocked down and Charlie works out what will happen to them, but the young people manage to prevent The Dumping Ground being sold and celebrate Christmas.

Charlie decides to sell some of her things and Sasha Annabelle Davis suggests they make T-shirts to sell, but becomes annoyed with Jody and Finn Ruben Reuter helping her. Charlie tells Sasha that she needs money to pay for yoga for her grandfather that helped him when he fell, but he is no longer getting classes as his home has stopped paying. Jay is shown to be quite a tough character and is very protective of his quieter and shyer older brother, Bird.

Jay mentioned that he and his brother have been in 10 different homes, and they both moved into the Dumping Ground in the middle of the night. In the episode "Two Sides to Every Story", Jay becomes annoyed and feels threatened by May-Li when she introduces a new diet and exercise plan for Bird to help with his diabetes. And when May-Li tries to get Jay to take part in the diet to support his brother, he starts feeling threatened by May-Li as he doesn't like anyone else telling him or his brother what to do.

He decides to lie to Mike telling him that May-Li hit him on the arm really hard. Mike's old friend and ex-girlfriend Fiona was in the office at the time, and been as she was a care worker herself, she decided to take immediate action about this.

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