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Carpentaria won the Miles Franklin award in , the same day Prime Minister John Howard announced the Northern Territory intervention, where solders were sent into remote communities to enforce a legislated ban on alcohol and pornography as part of an effort to combat reported child abuse. This bizarre, wonderfully verbose romp is quite unlike any other. Australia is like a lonely old woman dead in her apartment; if every living soul in the land suddenly had a massive coronary at the exact same time and if the Simpson Desert died of thirst and the rainforests drowned and the barrier reef bled to death, days might pass and only the smell drifting across the ocean to our Pacific neighbours would compel someone to call the police.

Great Barrier Reef - Join Us On A Journey

The boys have to uncover who is trying to frame him, in a small town where racism runs deeper than anyone would like to admit, during a heatwave as the town goes into meltdown, the Vietnam War hitting closer to home than anyone would have dreamed. Not unlike Sybylla Melvyn in My Brilliant Career , here two-time Miles Franklin Award winner Alex Miller gives us a grumpy, irascible, thoroughly charming woman at the other end of her life.

Autumn Laing is 85 and well beyond sugar-coating things as she grapples with infirmity, a sassy nurse and an annoyingly nosy biographer, but a chance encounter has her casting back to remember her affair, half a century before, with budding artist Pat Donlan. This emotional turmoil is set in rural Victoria in the s, in an Australian art world during the modernist movement that was shaking off the shackles of European conventions to develop something all of its own. A portrait of my country unfamiliar to me, wrinkled and crumpled, scratched and scoured, broken with abrupt shifts of tone and form, stains and inexplicable runs of colour one into the other, purple and rose madder, vast swathes of grey and fierce angry dragon spots of emerald green….

This relationship becomes his sustaining life force for the next half a century, beginning with his service in the army and eventual capture by the Japanese, taking him to the steaming jungle where allied men suffered immensely under cruel overseers, Dorrigo trying to keep them alive as one by one his men died of starvation, disease, and beatings. The book brings us the views of other men such as Jimmy Bigelow and Darky Gardiner, as well as those of two Japanese officers, Major Nakamura and the Korean Colonel Kota, who also suffer in the jungle, dampening their pain with drugs and alcohol and, trapped in a rigid hierarchy, brutally lashing out at their captives.

Ultimately, however, it is a story of love: romantic love, familial love, and the life-sustaining bond that keeps men hopeful and alive in the most inhuman of circumstances. Close Menu. Facebook Twitter Instagram Instagram Adventure. Popular this week Meet Bear, the koala detection dog Working dogs like Bear find it hard to adapt to a normal, domestic life.

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Ghosts of Christmases past: where are all the Christmas beetles? What it will take to rescue the Great Barrier Reef Justin Gilligan joins scientists on an expedition to the far northern Great Barrier Reef to witness the annual mass coral spawning spectacle and to look for ways to help this ecosystem under pressure. Newsletter Get great photography, travel tips and exclusive deals delivered to your inbox.

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The Reef: A Passionate History: The Great Barrier Reef from Captain Cook to Climate Change

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  6. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian. Photos Submit to Our Contest. Photo of the Day. Video Ingenuity Awards. Smithsonian Channel. Video Contest. These events can have you going from sports to music festivals, vibrant visual arts to indigenous art fairs. The diverse array of festivals offer a great insight into the local cultures and traditions of the region, and are the perfect way to experience all things Aussie!

    Great Barrier Reef Masters Games Calling all sports fanatics, the Great Barrier Reef Masters consists of four days of competitions with sports for all masters ages and interests, including athletics, baseball, cricket, softball, water polo and many more. Cairns Airport Adventure Festival Set on one of the most scenic coastal roads in all of Australia, Cairns Airport Adventure Festival is a triathlon event which includes a 3.

    Massive Citizen Science Effort Seeks to Survey the Entire Great Barrier Reef

    The event is set between two World Heritage listed areas, the Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef, offering some pretty awesome views for both spectators and competitors. Cairns Blues Festival All about the blues, this festival gives local artists in the far North of Queensland a platform to perform, create, and show off their talents. The annual festival is a not-for-profit event which incorporates sponsorships and volunteering, all in the aid of the music. Cairns Festival This day festival is all about the vibrant, bright, bold and visual, with performing arts, culture, family-friendly events and a whole load of music, crafts, dance, theatre, comedy and markets.

    This fun-filled festival set in the Far North of Queensland offers something for just about everyone. The fair offers an ethical art market place whilst providing pathways for emerging visual and performing artists, and is also a great cultural insight for visitors. With art galleries, historical preservations, fossils, photographs, gemstones and even war time vehicles, these museums will fascinate, educate and inspire you. Trips to. Popular Trips. Home Guides Australia Cairns. See more about Contiki. Hit some of Cairns night time hotspots, including the Woolshed After a hard day trekking through the jungle, snorkeling reefs or jumping out of a plane, your adrenaline is sure to be flowing and Cairns is the perfect place to keep you going from day to night. Cairns Museum Situated right in the heart of the city, The Cairns Museum contains five art galleries which showcase the history of Cairns.

    Everything is covered here, from Aboriginal to sugar cane history across to WWII, tourism development, local architecture and cyclones, as well as the inside story of living in the tropics. Australian Armour and Artillery Museum, Smithfield This museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation and restoration of tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery from the Second World War and postwar periods, and boasts some pretty incredible vehicles. Cairns Art Gallery Located within a landmark heritage building, Cairns Art Gallery is an elegant fusion of contemporary and heritage pieces, boasting a permanent collection that focuses on the unique cultural heritage of Far North Queensland, with many local artist works as well as Australian and international collections displayed here.

    Cairns Historical Society Museum With around 3, books, 23, photographs, 2, maps and 25, documents on local and area history, Cairns Historical Society Museum is a hub for recording and preserving the history of North Queensland, whilst making it accessible for current and future generations to engage with all things Cairns.

    The good news is Cairns offers it all, with a fusion of French, Vietnamese and local delicacies to tantalise and inspire the taste buds.