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‘Just 1,238 pages to go’: could you read War and Peace in a week?

Start listening to an excerpt of the audiobook. Download the companion PDF to the audiobook. Download this free glossary of IT terms for your business colleagues. Now Mark brings his unique perspective and experience to business leaders looking to lead their company into the digital age by harnessing the expertise and innovation that is already under their roof: IT.

In the war for business supremacy, Schwartz shows we must throw out the old management models and stereotypes that pit suits against nerds. Instead, business leaders of today can foster a space of collaboration and shared mission, a space that puts technologists and business people on the same team.

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Schwartz demystifies the role IT plays in the modern enterprise, allowing business leaders to create new strategies for the new digital battleground. To accelerate, enterprises must bring technology to the heart of their work, for just as technology is causing this disruption, it is technology that provides the solution.

Unlike Napoleon, it is time for business leaders to come down from the hill atop the Battle of Borodino and enter the fray with the technologists, for that is where the war will be won or lost. With the pace of change in IT accelerating at such an unprecedented rate, I consider this essential reading for my entire leadership team.

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In addition to the cultural and religious beliefs that underlie a call to arms, these essays consider our contemporary political context of the way we look at war and peace. The way we view our past is shaped by our present beliefs, and the foregrounding or trivialization of certain historical events is often a political act.

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Philosophy of War and Peace examines different methods we use today for dealing with the trauma of war at peace time and unravels the complexity of philosophical issues caused by the presence and absence of war in our world. This book has been reviewed in Liberales. For readers, War and Peace is a considerable undertaking — over 1, pages and characters to follow, and a sprawling narrative spanning multiple families and political regimes.

Only now am I able to reflect on my intentions and the roots of my vision and process. But where should I begin?

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My memory takes me to a time when I, like every other school boy and girl in the Soviet Union, studied War and Peace as part of our Russian literature program. The Great Patriotic War of was also taught in our history class. A few weeks before my final year in high school began, I browsed swiftly through the major episodes of the book, forgoing the boring for my taste at the time descriptions of what seemed like every battle ever between the French and the Russians.

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Most of the rare books were kept in a small mezzanine above the corridor — and that is where I saw some of the most incredible books including various illustrated editions of War and Peace. I remember the romantic and intimate pale watercolors by Konstantin Rudakov , beautifully printed on creamy paper in contrast to the dark, energetic, and psychologically loaded charcoals of Dmitri Shmarinov. The psychologically loaded charcoals of Dmitri Shmarinov.