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You hope to entertain them but also in the process to make them more aware of that world and some of the issues that are important there.

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As I was going through the final galleys last October, Hurricane Sandy formed in the Atlantic Ocean, growing to roughly the same size and following the same trajectory as the storm in the novel. It was kind of eerie.

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  4. It was very creepy to watch the devastation of the real-life hurricane as we worked on a very convincing thriller that proposed the idea that this kind of ruinous natural disaster might be used as a weapon. Currently Lilliefors is finishing a mystery with a pastor and a homicide detective as the main characters.

    The Leviathan Effect

    He also has a third Mallory brothers thriller outlined and partially written. The revision process is the most time-consuming and difficult. He writes from his corner office in his home in south Florida but when the project allows likes to write in different places — on the beach, in the library, a quiet spot in the woods or by the water.

    He also loves to travel and is often inspired by unfamiliar locales. Lilliefors grew up in Washington, D.

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    By Terry DiDomenico I confess some of the joy I get from reading a good thriller, besides the thrill, is the knowledge I take away from the book. Author Recent Posts.

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    Terry DiDomenico. Terry DiDomenico has spent most of her professional career editing and writing for university publications with a little freelancing on the side. Atul Pradhan had just poured himself a cup of black tea when he heard what he thought was distant thunder.


    If you're in the mood for a fast-paced tale of science running amok, consider The Leviathan Effect. James Lilliefors.

    Scarcity without Leviathan: The Violent Effects of Cocaine Supply Shortages in the Mexican Drug War

    Homeland Security Secretary Catherine Blaine receives a frightening communication from a hacker identified only by the pseudonym Janus. The message is the latest in a series correctly predicting natural disasters around the world—disasters that, Janus claims, were manufactured, not natural at all. And, according to the email, unless the United States does as Janus instructs, another disaster is coming—a Category 5 hurricane that will hit the Eastern Seaboard and destroy the lives of tens of millions of people.