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The plot, meanwhile, tilts from the random to the preposterous, and a final twist feels less like a payoff than like a cheat.

Along the way, a few amusing things happen, and a handful of clever lines are uttered, but the point of the exercise is hard to discern. The movie as it exists now, in any case, seems to have been assembled in a spirit of anxious caution, with the hope of making something as derivative and second-rate as possible. Swearing and bloodshed.

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You will receive emails containing news content , updates and promotions from The New York Times. The party and its leader face a slew of legal cases that place their political future in jeopardy.

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In the worst-case scenario, the party, which has 80 MPs, could be dissolved and its 24 executives banned from politics. If the court rules against him on Nov 20, this may cause "a domino effect" that could culminate in the party being disbanded, observers say. The Election Commission EC alleges Mr Thanathorn held shares in V-Luck Media Co, a media firm, when he registered as an MP candidate in early February, in violation of Section 98 3 of the charter, which prohibits owners and shareholders of media or publishing firms from applying to become MPs.

The case was later handed to the court which issued an order suspending Mr Thanathorn from his MP duties on May 23, pending a ruling.

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The FFP and Mr Thanathorn have been in a serious predicament with several legal cases brought against them during the past few months. Some even say the party has now been in a downward spiral since its inception in An internal rift has also emerged in the party as former election candidates and party members resigned en masse, accusing Mr Thanathorn of ignoring unsuccessful candidates and failing to keep promises to give them political jobs. A few of the party MPs also refused to toe the party line as they voted in favour of government-sponsored bills -- an executive decree to transfer army units to the royal command and the 3.

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But there are three cases which could lead to the dissolution of the FFP. One involves donations made by Mr Thanathorn and his wife, Rawiphan. The FFP leader donated 10 million baht to his party and his wife contributed 7. Activist Srisuwan Janya has asked the EC to rule whether the couple are considered a single entity under the law.

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If so, their combined donations of Mr Srisuwan has also asked the EC to investigate whether Mr Thanathorn broke the same law by granting a loan of more than million baht to his party. The charter court also accepted a petition filed by lawyer Natthaporn Toprayoon, who accused Mr Thanathorn and his party executives of trying to bring an end to the monarchy. Mr Thanathorn yesterday brushed aside criticism his party could be disbanded if the court rules he is no longer qualified to be an MP due to the media-shareholding case.

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He said the media shareholding is not related to the dissolution of the party. They don't want many people to work with my party,'' Mr Thanathorn said. FFP secretary-general, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul, said it was surprising the party has so many legal cases brought against it, despite the party not being in power. In the media-shareholding case against Mr Thanathorn, Mr Piyabutr said the constitution's intention is to prevent MPs or cabinet ministers from wielding influence on media.