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I love the way over half of the nation genuinely believes elves live in the valleys, I love the extreme weathers, their reactions to world events and even the way their tourism agency handles their social media. Iceland is unapologetic, it can be brutal — as I realised when I got out the car to open the gate and nearly blew away in gale force winds.

Anyone fancy a November jaunt to include Iceland Airwaves Festival? Iceland is so magical, and so unlike anywhere I have ever visited! Such a shame that you were unable to see the Northern Lights - I was lucky enough to see them 4 nights out of 5 due to a very active period of Aurora that we were in the middle of. Oh wow! That's awesome.

It was difficult to work out when they were going to be there.

I tried to compare the dates to the year before but obviously it didn't work! Thank you Kate — I hope I get to see them some day too :. Your pictures are awesome! The lack of trees makes me feel like I'm on the moon! Can't wait to go back again this October.

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Oo jealous, you're going back! I think it will be really beautiful to see at that time of year. I hope you have a great time :. It really is my bucket list. I'd also love to go to Thailand and Cambodia to see the temples, but Iceland is the No. Ah, I really want to go to Cambodia too. Looks amazing doesn't it? I hope you get to go to Iceland, it really is an amazing country to see. Well I saw the northern lights and I was with you It was dangerous Vicky's Mum, your first comment! Yes, we were innocents to the danger weren't we?

Poor little village people not ready for such wildness. We saw a flicker of Northern Lights, you're right. But next time we go I'd like to see them dance. I've been to Iceland different times and love the Northern lights.

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Airwaves was very good. The whole city was full of music. I was impressed by the organisation of the festival. They had a very good app where you had all places and artists listed and you could make your own schedule. Artists started on time so changing places to see different artists were not a problem.

What is FLOP?

They had a lot of off-venues if you are travelling on a low budget. Just book as early as possible because the Iceland Airwaves got so big and popular in the last couple of years. I might go this year again and maybe we can have a little Vietnam reuinion : We saw the northern lights on 2 nights out of 10 , one time even during the festival in Reykjavik even with all the street lights on.

All trips and working time in Iceland together I've spent around 17 month in Iceland. I always encourage people to explore Iceland by hiking instead of just driving through it.

A Flip-Flop Manifesto from a Terribly Wrong and Dangerous Person

Mayank Mishra, a year Mayank Mishra, a year old news-editor with a newspaper in an Indian city, takes up the challenges in his personal as well as professional lives; caught between the conflicting View Product. Bare Basics. Essays in this book journey into essentials — the bare-basics of empowering consciousness, life-living wellness However, consciousness is localized; needs to be challenged to inch Be Lonely, Be Your Best. This book challenges the populist idea that loneliness is a bad and sad thing. Loneliness is rather very facilitative mechanism of body-mind for wellness and personal excellence.

It is innate call of instincts for self-actualization of potentials within, to attain Utility of book has got to do with If total global costs of failed marriages and divorces all over the world are calculated, If total global costs of failed marriages and divorces all over the world are calculated, it would stand at many thousand billions of dollars.

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  6. If saved, it can eradicate poverty and starvation from the face of earth. Saving marriages is Understanding plant responses to these stresses is essential for rational engineering of crop plants. In Arabidopsis, the signal transduction pathways for abiotic stresses, light, several Plant physiology is now considered as an essential ingredient for improving crop productivity, a continuing This new volume provides an understanding of the physiological basis of the various plant processes and their underlying mechanisms An essay addressed to modern women of wisdom, aimed at empowering her consciousness to enhance As feminism enters its maturity-phase in new millennium, core ideas about true woman, her contemporary mind consciousness and fresh Venus goes direct on Easter weekend — interesting timing!

    The planet of movement and communication goes retrograde in Taurus on April 9th and as it revs up we are kind of already in it. Taurus is ruled by Venus so basically you could see this as Venus passing the baton on to Mercury for the next stage of deep analysis. Why is it that we communicate the way we do and what can we do to improve our communication? Both Venus and Mercury Retrogrades have great personal value, they present us with time and opportunities to give us great personal insights that can be life changing.

    BUT they both kick up old patterns because how else can we review, learn and go forward? I am back here again! And boy gal it is time to remember this — in fact print this out and stick it on your fridge!

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    Because we are now building up to the Libra Full Moon on 11th April. And, yup Libra is ruled by Venus, the spotlight is increasing on how we love ourselves and each other. I check in with my inner child daily to make sure that I am listening and meeting my own needs. Recovery takes time, everything is divinely timed, I am not responsible responsible means ability to respond for anything other than my own healing — if you need help with that then get in touch by sending an email to contact tiffanycrosara.